Setting up the Brivity Zapier App for New Leads

Zapier is a popular service that enables you share data between your favorite applications. Brivity has developed the Brivity Zapier app to create new leads real-time in Brivity and to nurture those leads using many popular communication tools.

Ready to get started?

  1. If you don't already have a Zapier account, set one up by visiting
  2. For this tutorial, we are going to create a Zap between Zillow and Brivity so new leads are automatically created in Brivity when users request information on your Zillow profile page.

    From the Zapier Explore page, select the MAKE A ZAP! button:

  3. You'll see the Dashboard. Choose a Trigger App by searching for Zillow. Choose the Zillow Tech Connect app:

  4. Select  Save + Continue:

  5. Follow the instructions on the next screen to set up the connection between your Zillow Agent Hub and your Zapier account. Once you've done that, select Continue:

  6. Select OK, I did this to test your connection:

  7. Once the test is complete, select Continue:

  8. Now it's time to select your Action App. Search for 'Brivity' and select Brivity:

  9. Select Save + Continue:

  10. To connect your Brivity Account with your Zapier Account, select Connect a New Account:

  11. Follow the instructions to locate your API key for your account.  Copy and paste the API key into the field and select  Yes, continue:

  12. Select Save + Continue:

  13. For each of the Brivity fields, select a matching Zillow field using the + button to the right of each field.  Select Continue when you are finished:

  14. You will see the results of the connection test. Select Create + Continue:

  15. If everything worked as planned, you will see the confirmation message. Select See it in your Dashboard to view your completed Zap:

    Oh, you might see the following message if you try testing your zap more than once with the same lead. All is well. Brivity will silently reject a lead if there is already a new lead with the same email address and name in your Brivity contacts. This is expected.

  16. Here is your finished work!! Make sure your Zap is turned on to pass leads from Zillow to Brivity. 



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