Add new Zillow leads to your Brivity Account

Zapier is a popular service that enables you share data between your favorite applications. Brivity has developed the Brivity Zapier app to create new leads real-time in Brivity and to nurture those leads using many popular communication tools.

Sending leads from your Zillow Agent Hub to Brivity is simple! Just follow the instructions below.  

  1. Click here and login to Brivity to see the Brivity App Store
  2. Hover over the Zapier card and click VIEW DETAILS
  3. Follow the instructions on the Zapier integration popup. After copying your API key, click the link to select your zap

  4. Click Use this Zap next to the Add new Zillow leads... 

  5. On the Zapier page, click Use this Zap

  6. If you are prompted to sign up for Zapier, or need to Login, please do that now.

  7. Select  Continue

  8. Follow the instructions on the next screen to set up the connection between your Zillow Agent Hub and your Zapier account.  Select OK, I did this to test your connection:

  9. Once the test is complete, select Continue:

  10. You will see the Brivity Action window.  Select Continue.

  11. To connect your Brivity Account with your Zapier Account, select Connect a New Account:

  12. Follow the instructions to locate your API key for your account.  Copy and paste the API key into the field and select  Yes, continue:

  13. Select Save + Continue:

  14. You don't need to do anything here. We have pre-matched the Zillow fields to the appropriate Brivity fields. Simply select Continue.

  15. You will see the results of the connection test. Select Create + Continue:

  16. If everything worked as planned, you will see the confirmation message. Select Finish:

  17. You will see the confirmation message that your Zap is created and working! Select See it on your Dashboard

  18. Here is your finished work!! Make sure your Zap is turned on to pass leads from Zillow to Brivity. 



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