Photo and Document Storage Info


For uploading photos to a User's (or People) Profile:

Brivity allows it's Users to upload photos of themselves and their Clients from within the system.

  • Photos must be less than 5MB 
  • Photos should be a square format
  • When entering a photo for the first time, it may look distorted until it's Saved. It will auto-correct.


For uploading photos to a Transaction:

  • Photos must be less than 5MB
  • Photos will automatically resize to fit the appropriate dimensions. If not, the dimensions used should be around 1920px wide or 1200px tall. 
  • Store as many as you like, forever.
  • Branded photos are not yet supported, and may not correctly show any watermarks on the Property Page or Branded/Unbranded Tours.


For Uploading Documents in Brivity: 

  • Documents must be less than 15MB
  • Upload a wide variety of documents -.csv  .pdf  .jpg  .png  .gif  .docx  and .xlsx
  • See a preview online before downloading.
  • Store as many as you like, forever.
  • Photos shared on a Transaction can be accessed by all Viewers on that Transaction (Teammates, Clients and Collaborators who have been granted login access)
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