How To Create A Task Contingent On A Date

When you need a Task to occur before or after the milestone date of an Event associated with a Person, Transaction or Project, you will want to select the option to make the task contingent.

To create a new Task, select the plus sign next to Tasks in the Left Navigation Bar. 

In the New Task form fill out the Task Details, Who Task is Assigned to, who the Task is for, and the Task Visibility. Contingent tasks can be created for a Person, Transaction or Project.

In the Task form, select Make Contingent to add information about the # of days, whether or not the task occurs After/before those number of days and the milestone date of the Event the task is to be contingent on. If the Task should also recur, select Make Recurring to choose the options to indicate if the task should recur Every_Days and the # of days - or - Weekly and on which Day of Week. Add the contingent Task by clicking CREATE TASK. The Task will now be contingent on the information added and the date of the milestone event indicated for the Person, Transaction or Project it was created for. 

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