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Make it easy to allow leads to register in one click with Social Registration! To get started, open If you're not logged in already, log into your Facebook account.

Facebook steps are mirrored in the next steps here.

If you get lost in Facebook steps, come back here for guidance. Create a New App ID (name it your business or something similar for you to recognize).

Step 1. Click here and click Create Developer Account.


Step 2. A modal will pop-up named Create a New App ID. Name it after your website. Add your contact email, then click Create App Id


Step 3. The page will now show the products you can select. Hover on Facebook Login and select Set Up. 


Step 4. Now Choose a Platform. Choose Web.


Step 5. Add your Brivity Site URL. Then click Save.

This is important! Only fill out the first step of this form! It looks like this:



DO NOT follow the rest of the steps of that form- we've done that for you. Instead follow the next step here.

Step 6. Jump to Settings on the upper-left.


Step 7. Privacy Policy: Facebook needs a privacy policy to continue. Your Brivity website privacy policy can be found by just adding /privacy_policy to the end of your site URL. 

For example: (It's also linked at the bottom-right of your Brivity IDX site.)


Step 8. Add an icon (photo) for your app. It must be exactly 1024x1024- Facebook won’t accept anything else.

**If you don't have an image that exact size, feel free to use the generic Brivity house logo. Download here:


Step 9. Choose your Category (choose Business).



Your Page should look like this when you're done, just click Saves Changes at the bottom-right. 


Step 10. Click App Review on the left-hand menu.



Step 11. Click on the switch to "Make Your App" public? The switch will change to Yes. A pop-up will as if you're sure if you want Facebook Login to be public. Then click Confirm.



Step 12. Click Start Submission. Select user_about_me & user_education_history. 


Step 13. Copy your ID, which is in the top-left. Send your Facebook ID to our support team through the chat in the bottom right, or email We'll set it up in your site for you! 


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