Manage My Database

Your business is your database and your database is your business. Brivity helps you to keep your data in order.

Tools to Manage Your Database

Customer Relationship Management

No matter what Brivity Products your team is using, we’d like to welcome you to the Brivity family!

Add New Lead

Add call in, emailing and pop by leads to Brivity.

Custom Tags & Filters

Engage prospects to keep coming back to your site, before you’ve even met them.


Connect multiple integrations to your Brivity Platform using Piesync. 



Sync with KW Command

Sync all your contacts with PieSync- easy as pie.


Connect your web applications to Brivity using Zapier.

Import and Export

Forced registration for property views, listing alerts, and saved searches = more leads.


Add and edit relationships for contacts in Brivity to see real-life connections between people

Working Your Leads

Bob & Ben Show Tip- Best practices in working with your leads on a daily basis.

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