Manage My Transactions

Automate the listing process, marketing, setting tasks and follow ups. 

Tools to Manage Your Transactions

Customizable Auto Plans

Create automated follow-up and task lists to ensure accuracy during every transaction. Build text messages and emails to clients or agents based on Custom Roles and Dates.


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Easily share your listings wherever you are on social media! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ActiveRain, Linkedin, and Craigslist make posting fun with Brivity for marketing. 


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Customizable Advertising Plans

Show sellers where their property is being advertised with customizable ad plans that link to national portals and competitor sites!

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Client Portal

Clients can be invited to have 24-hour access to their listings to see everything happening during the transaction and will know exactly what services they receive for the fees you charge.

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Automatic Client Email Updates

Real-time customer updates with transaction-level detail are emailed to clients daily. You choose what the client sees in their transaction portal. Emails can deliver weekly or once per week.

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Collaborator Integration

Track every time a vendor has helped you with any property and make it easily searchable by adding them to the collaborator feature in Brivity. You can also automate messages about upcoming appointments at your listings!

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Document Storage

Store and share documents within the system so everything can be accessed by you, your team, and your clients.

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Showing Feedback

Manually record comments after showings to track how your listing is being received while keeping your client in the loop.

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Create and store notes on your listings, pendings, and contacts so you never miss a beat.

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Visible Permissions in Timeline

Control the tasks, notes, and custom dates that are viewed by clients and collaborators through their login portals. 



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Custom Roles

Make custom roles in Brivity that can trigger tasks, emails, and text messages to send to or from that role to other roles. Imagine sending automated reminder text to your seller with the contact info for the photographer for their upcoming appointment. The information for the phtotograper on their transaciton will send to the seller because of their roles in the transaction.

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Custom Dates and Times

Trigger tasks, text messages, and emails to trigger before or after custom dates and times for your unique transaction needs. As important events arise and pass, automate tasks and messages to save you time.

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