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Everything you need to know about your Brivity website

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Brivity Website - The Basics

Learn the most important components of your website

Add and Customize Pages

Add and customize your website pages

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Virtual Package

Providing virtual solutions to buyers is crucial and Brivity websites provide you with a couple of simple solutions.

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Listing Alerts

Engage prospects to keep coming back to your site, before you’ve even met them.

Social Media Log-In

Make it easy to allow leads to register in one click with Social Registration!

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Home Valuation Pages

Homeowners can find an instant value for their home on your website.

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Enhance Your Listings

Enhance the listings on your website with Matterport Tours, branded virtual tours, and unlimited photos.

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Change Your Favicon

Customize the logo on your website tab! When a website visitor navigates to other websites, they will easily know which open tab has your website open.

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Manage Your Blog

Create dynamic blogs that bring back visitors and help you with your SEO

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Who Is On My Website?

You may never know who is is sneaking around your website if you don’t know where to look!

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