Win With Buyers

Brivity offers a full range of tools to capture, connect with and convert buyers

Tools to Get Buyers

Responsive Website

No need to worry about “plug-ins”. All our sites come with the IDX baked right in, out of the box.

Listing Alerts

Engage prospects to keep coming back to your site, before you’ve even met them.

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With Kwkly they get MLS info on the property they’re viewing, and you get their mobile number.

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Agent Websites (Subdomains)

Agents on your have the team the opportunity to capture their own leads and help your team meet their goals. 

Auto Plans

Brivity Auto Plans responds quickly and consistently on your behalf while you are busy doing your other important work!

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Smart Filters (Contact Lists)

Smart Filters help you see past your forest of contacts to see the fruit trees that will feed your hungry databank! 

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Share Unlimited Lead Capture Forms

Forced registration for property views, listing alerts, and saved searches = more leads.

Use Custom Tags

Create custom tags to easily filter and sort through your CRM database to send targeted emails.

Manage Tasks

Create your task list using dates or triggers

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