Win With Sellers

See how Brivity helps you to capture, connect with and convert seller leads at a high level

Tools to Get Sellers

Market Reports

Brivity’s Market Reports allow you to send the last 30 stats and trends of home values to your Past Clients, Sphere, and Sellers.

Home Valuation Sites

Multiply seller leads with local home valuation sites connected to your CRM.

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Comparable Market Analysis Reports

Create accurate CMAs for potential clients with the proven 5-5-5 method (comparing 5 active, pending and sold listings).

Responsive Websites

Engage customers on all their devices with high-converting, 100% responsive websites.

Smart FIlters -Contact Lists

Smart Filters help you see past your forest of contacts to see the fruit trees that will feed your hungry databank! 

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Auto Plans

Brivity Auto Plans responds quickly and consistently on your behalf while you are busy doing your other important work! 

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Unlimited Lead Capture Forms

Forced registration for property views, listing alerts, and saved searches = more leads.


Use Custom Tags

Create custom tags to easily filter and sort through your CRM database to send targeted emails.

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Managing Tasks

Create your task list using dates or triggers

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Brivity Marketer

Brivity Marketer auto-generates stunning postcards for your new or sold listings and takes the hassle out of custom mailing.

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Seller Lead Generation

Bob & Ben take you through the processes and best practices for seller lead generation.


Brivity Designer

Brivity Designer instantly converts your real estate brand into thousands of awesome designs.


Active Listing Plan

When you're ready with listing paperwork in hand, this plan are some simple steps to keep you up on your transaction for the entire listing time line until the property goes under contract.


Listing Pended Plan

When your listings have a contract to purchase approved by the buyers and sellers, apply this plan to manage the pending timeline.


Listing Sold/Closed Plan

Once your Listings close, use this plan to be sure you've reemoved everything from market and transfered everything needed to the buyer and buyer's agent.


Listing Appointment

Some teams will use Brivity Transactions even before the Listing Appointment has been set. In that case, you can make up details to start the listing transaction or add $0 in fields like the list price or 0 for an MLS number. Then apply this Auto Plan to help manage the steps to nail the listing!


Listing Extension

If your listing doesn't sell in the time allotted by your listing paperwork, you can extend the listing. Use this Auto Plan to help you aquire te paperwork, restart marketing, and get the sales engine purring again!


Listing Price Reduction

If you've ever thought of all the steps it takes to reduce price on a property, it's a lot! From getting the paperwork to taking the sign 'Price Reduced' sign rider down two weeks later, you'll want to be sure all the steps and marketing in between are updated. Use this auto plan to be sure you don't miss out on this re-newed opportunity!